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A Few Things Still to Be Grateful For 🙏

A Few Things Still to Be Grateful For 🙏

  • Most of the 78 organs in our bodies have performed pretty reliably since the day we were born.
  • Everyone messes up their life quite a bit. 
  • We’ve sometimes been surprised by how things turned out. 
  • We don’t need to be afraid of starving – or even of being very cold.
  • Every year, if we just stay in one spot, there are at least two weeks of perfect weather.
  • We are never too far from a very hot bath. 
  • We’ve come a long way since the early shyness, incompetence and fear. 
  • Of course we couldn’t have known. 
  • Compared with what we feared in the rockiest patches, this is almost OK.




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  • We’re still here. 
  • There were no outright catastrophes today. 
  • A few times, we really experienced what love felt like. 
  • A few times, we really felt understood. 
  • Many of the people we love are still alive. 
  • We could disappear for a bit. 
  • We still have quite a lot of time left. 
  • Children of three or four are, intermittently, reliably sweet. 
  • There hasn’t been a war here for a while. 
  • You can turn on the tap and clean water comes out for almost nothing. 
  • We can leave the places we were born and raised.




  • There are lots of beautiful people we can take pleasure in looking at. 
  • There are people who have loved us, even though we didn’t totally deserve their affection or devotion. 
  • A few bits of our body are really rather beautiful.
  • Things really do look better when we have slept. 
  • Many of the world’s most interesting people have written down their thoughts and ideas. 
  • Other people are usually shyer, sweeter and kinder than we’d anticipated. 
  • We’ve perhaps found one good friend or a special someone.




  • No-one can stop us having our own thoughts. 
  • We can with complete impunity fantasise about the people we can’t have.
  • We can get to hear the jokes and stories of the funniest people on the planet. 
  • In the middle of the night, and in the early morning, we have the world to ourselves. 
  • It isn’t what happened to us that counts; but how we choose to tell the story. 
  • We do not know what will happen in the future.




  • We can write everything we feel down on paper. 
  • We can, without too much effort, order a bowl of French fries.
  • Others forget the stupid things we’ve done faster than we do. 
  • Sincere apologies tend to be gladly accepted. 
  • We can reinvent ourselves – a bit. 
  • Parents keep on loving us even if we largely ignore them for a few years. 
  • Children continue to love us even if they say they don’t; and even if we were not always perfect parents. 
  • By the time we are forty, nothing we did or thought at the age of twenty will seem very important.




  • There’s always music. 
  • Without asking anyone, we could go into many shops and buy a treat. 
  • There’s always someone suffering just in the way we are. 
  • Everyone is weird, we just don’t have access to their inner minds. 
  • The silent majesty of a clear night sky. 
  • We’re very normal in the number of idiocies we’ve committed. 
  • We don’t have to take ourselves seriously. 
  • We can feel heroic about the ordinary. 
  • We can smile even on little things we enjoy.
  • We have managed to learn a few things down the years. 




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3 Bs

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