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An artist for forever

An artist for forever

Living and breathing the freedom that illuminates those who manage to create their own systems despite the rigidity of our society, Tehching's work will remain timeless.

One Year Performance 1981–1982

One Year Performance 1981–1982

Tehching lived entirely outdoors in Lower Manhattan for a year, including through one of the most severe winters in recorded history.

One Year Performance 1978–1979

One Year Performance 1978–1979

For an entire year, Tehching sits in a cage and he essentially did nothing for a year — no reading, no writing, no television. He simply focused on passing time.

The universal language of time

The universal language of time

For Tehching Hsieh, also called “the master in performance art”, time is a tool for making art. Time is universal and everyone has a specific amount of time, but what Tehching does with his time is remarkable.

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