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  • Everything in life comes down to people and relationships.
  • Networks compound as well as any financial investment. Build an army that is deep and wide.
  • Cultivate deep relationships, but also learn to appreciate the power of weak ties.

Too many people seem to use money in ways that create problems, stress, and headaches.

Money can be a wonderful tool, but only if you use it to simplify your life (not complicate it).

Every conversation with a stranger is a chance to learn something new. Stop trying to be INTERESTING and focus on being INTERESTED.

Be present in every conversation with everyone you meet. You never know what you might learn.

Life definitely isn't fair. It's a troubling reality. But instead of wasting energy on every obstacle in your way, focus on what you can control and how you can break through.

In his 2005 Stanford Commencement Speech, Steve Jobs talked about having faith that the dots will somehow connect in your life.

You take daily actions with complete uncertainty. Faith in the dots allows you to persevere and endure uncertainty.

Make decisions that your 80-year-old self and 10-year-old self would be proud of

  • Your 80-year-old self cares about the long-term compounding of the decisions of today.
  • Your 10-year-old self reminds you to stay foolish and have some fun along the way.

If you have the good fortune to be wealthy and successful in life, always be sure to share it with others.

  • Support your family and friends when you're able.
  • Give with no expectation of return.
  • Always give more than you receive.

Use the  30-for-30 approach: 30 days, 30 min per day.

30 days is a real commitment, but small enough to mentally take it on. 900 minutes of accumulated effort yields surprisingly significant results.

Move your body every single day

Daily activity is essential to your health, brain function, and happiness. No need for a complex regimen.

Each day minimum:

  • Walk for 30 min
  • Raise your HR for 30 min
  • Mobility work for 5 min.

The Paradox of News: The more news you consume, the less well-informed you are.

The constant barrage of BREAKING NEWS and clearly biased perspectives clouds your understanding.

Stop and savor the beautiful moments of life

Life moves fast. When you encounter a moment of pure bliss, pause and embrace every aspect of it.

The smells, the sounds, the feelings, the sensations. Pause time and appreciate moments of sweetness.

It's a shame that we often wait until a person's funeral to say all of the nice things we thought about them.

The next time you have a positive thought about someone—tell them right then.

Always pursue the path that has the larger luck surface area

Your daily actions can put you in a position where luck is more likely to strike.

It’s hard to get lucky watching TV at home—it’s easy to get lucky when you’re out engaging and learning. Create your own luck.

It's easy to stand on the sidelines. It's hard to stand in the arena.

It's scary to put yourself out there. When you're in the arena, never take advice from the people on the sidelines.

Reread your favorite books

You may read thousands of books in your life, but there will only be a few that deeply change the way you think.

Reread them every single year. Your experience with the book will change as you do—you'll pick up new ideas.

Tips for Making Friends as an Adult during Lonely Times

1. Reach out and reconnect with old friends.

2. Get involved with a cause you care about.

3. Take up a new artistic hobby.

4. Join a professional organization.

5. Get active and join an exercise group.

6. Join a group for socializing.

7. Be your own friend first.

How to Deal with Loneliness

  • Acknowledge Your Feelings of Loneliness.
  • Know When to Engage or Disengage From the Online World.
  • Find a Volunteer Opportunity as a Way to Feel Less Lonely.
  • Join a Group or Club to Overcome Loneliness With In-Person Connections.
  • Practice Self-Care.

Introverts Find It Hard

  • Friendships. It can be difficult for introverts to make new friends because getting to know someone takes so much energy.
  • However, introverts don't need a wide circle of friends.

They prefer one or two close friends, even though they may know many people and have many acquaintances.

 You feel lonely, but don't want to make friends. Why?

  • Your experiences with people haven’t been overly positive.
  • You find that you don’t have a lot in common with the people you meet.
  • You don’t share their values, or their sense of humour, or their tastes in music.
  • However, interacting with people did prove essential for my mental health.

Why Can’t You Make Friends?

  • Anxiety. A very common reason for this difficulty is that many people experience some degree of anxiety when meeting new people. This anxiety stems from a fear of being rejected or judged by others
  • If you feel like you don’t have friends or struggle with a sense of loneliness, you’re not alone. As an adult, it might seem difficult or impossible to make new connections, but if you're willing to put in the effort, you can certainly build new relationships.


  • Loneliness is something we all feel at times and to varying degrees, but it can also be something that we feel uneasy about admitting to.
  • A study, published in the journal Personal Relationships, found that investing in close relationships was associated with better health, happiness and wellbeing in adulthood.

The Hi-Level Mindset

The Hi-Level Mindset is a philosophy, it’s a wavelength to apply to your everyday thoughts and regiment.

The five rules that he lives by:

1. Remain Positive

2. Always be intentional with your desires

3. Discipline = Excellence

4. Remove Negative People

5. Create a legacy.


My identity is my superpower. Because the truth is, I am what the world looks like. You are what the world looks like. Collectively, we are what the world actually looks like. And in order for our systems to reflect that, they don't have to create a new reality. They just have to stop resisting the one we already live in.


I am just one of millions of people who have been told that in order to fulfill my dreams, in order to contribute my talents to the world I have to resist the truth of who I am. I for one, am ready to stop resisting and to start existing as my full and authentic self.


Change will come when each of us has the courage to question our own fundamental values and beliefs. And then see to it that our actions lead to our best intentions.

Healing through creativity

Creativity is the way we heal each other. By singing our songs and telling our stories and inviting us to say "hey, listen to me and I'll listen to you", we're starting a dialogue and when we do that, this healing happens and we come out of our corners and we start to witness each other's common humanity.

If you want to help your community, if you want to help your family, if you want to help your friends, you have to express yourself; and to express yourself, you have to know yourself.


We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality.

The Paradox of News

  • The more news you consume, the less well-informed you are.
  • More data leads to a higher noise-to-signal ratio, so you end up knowing less about what is actually going on.
  • Want to know more about the world? Consume less news.

The most creative, captivating ideas stem directly from periods of intense boredom.

You’re bored, your mind wanders, your thoughts mingle - creative insight strikes. Boredom sparks creativity.

  • You must know your death to truly live your life.
  • Memento Mori is a Stoic reminder of the certainty and inescapability of death.
  • It's not intended to be morbid--but to clarify, illuminate, and inspire.
  • By accepting our time as finite, we are able to live.

The more you brag, the less people think of you.

  • Successful people rarely feel the need to brag about their success.
  • If someone brags about their wealth or success, the reality is likely a small fraction of what they claim.
  • Brag less, impress more.

The Paradox of Availability

The more available something is, the less we want it.

Ever want something so badly, only to lose interest once it is right in front of you? You're not alone--our desire for what we can't have is strong.

This applies to love, business, happiness, & life.

Intelligent people are more likely to fall victim to stupidity by convincing themselves they are smarter than the system.

They create complexity vs. doing the boring, easy thing that works.

  • The more you can't trust others, the less you can be trusted.
  • Challenges with trusting others can often stem from our own distrust of ourselves.
  • We reflect outward when we need to reflect inward.
  • Build trust in yourself to learn to trust others.

Growth takes a much longer time coming than you think but then happens much faster than you ever would have thought. Growth happens gradually, then suddenly.

The best things in life come from allowing compounding to work its magic. Let it work for you.

The Paradox of Pursuit

Sometimes you have to stop looking in order to find what you're looking for.

Stop looking—what you’re looking for may just find you. This applies to love, business, happiness, & life.

We assume that more choice is a good thing, but research has shown that more options lead to less happiness with whatever option is selected.

In a world of abundance, what we truly crave is scarcity.

The Paradox of Fear

The thing we fear the most is often the thing we most need to do.

  • Fears—when avoided—become limiters on our growth and progress.
  • Make a habit of getting closer to your fears. Treat them as magnets for your energy. You'll find growth on the other side.

You have to lose money in order to make money. Every successful investor & builder has stories of the invaluable lessons learned from a terrible loss in their career.

Sometimes you have to pay to learn. Put skin in the game.

Success doesn’t come from taking on every opportunity. It comes from focusing energy on the opportunities that matter—the 10x opportunities.

Time and energy are finite. Say yes to what matters & no to everything else.

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