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Examples of incidental learning

  • Instead of using flashcards, someone learns new vocabulary words by watching TV in a foreign language for fun.
  • A toddler who touches something hot out of curiosity learns that it hurts to do so.
  • A kid who plays with other kids for fun learns social skills incidentally.

1) We have only one life. But we don’t need to be one person.

This is one such inspirational thought that I really liked in this book. Most of us have many passions in our life and for 90% of us, our full-time job is not from one of those passions. It could be due to various reasons why we have chosen the one that we are doing instead of following our passi...

Incidental learning vs intentional learning

  • Incidental learning is learning that happens unintentionally from activities. For example, when someone plays a sport for fun but ends up improving their skills over time.
  • Intentional learning happens due to activities where learning is a deliberate ...

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An idea without growth prospects:

This is also important to see that the idea built has a futuristic vision which does not fade away in the next few months or years. Start-up ideas without growth prospects are nothing. Speculative growth is the most vital component of considering start-up funding and support from the government....

Ideas that are too difficult

Some ideas are way too difficult and making attempts becomes harder and harder every day.

The idea that is not feasibl

Sometimes entrepreneurs are so obsessed with their ideas that even if their ideas fail basic feasibility or idea validity check they will not leave it and keep working on them. This makes it difficult for that idea to survive long enough and finally leads to failure. This again leads to start-up ...

Start-up without a team

It is found that great start-ups emerge in teams. It is difficult to handle a start-up without a team.

An idea is considered strong if it can lead to the creation of a strong business which remains in the market for longer and reaches a higher number of customers day in and day out. A strong idea is one which is not copied, easy to change, old, not innovative, or loved by none. Let’s discuss the m...

What Is An Idea

An idea is thinking which occurs in the mind of a person, again and again, it leads to a change in his or her behavioural inclination towards this and leads him/her to explore the idea and make an attempt to do something about it. Many ideas remain ideas only but many take a shape and become a pr...

In a book (Trajectory: Start-up to product/market fit) that I am reading currently author says that start-ups need great ideas and it is not good to spend 80 hours a week for years on a dumb-ass idea. So to make sure you have a workable plan make a business plan which gives the awe moment wheneve...

Entrepreneurship And Ideas

First things first, entrepreneurship is all about ideas and ideas need to be strong and futuristic, based on innovation and have the capability to create a change in the life of the people. When I say only strong ideas I mean it. If you read the data figures 97 per cent of the start-ups fail in t...

think, act and evaluate(restfully)  in alignment to the cause.

meditation of nothingness

internalisation of knowledge

problem solving in reality

communication of love for your effort

charity  of energy on failure

The most important conversation is the one you have with yourself. 

You wake up with it, walk around with it, you go to bed  with it.

Eventually you act on it, sometimes you ...

You must go on WAR with yourself to find PEACE.

Relationship Quote

“At the end of the day, you can either focus on what’s tearing you apart or what’s keeping you together.”


5. Trying to change your partner

I've never understood this one. You fell in love with your partner the way they are, so why would you try to change them? If you can't seem to accept your partner how they are, flaws and all, then maybe your partner isn't the right person for you.

People do change sometimes, but it has to b...

4. Not making quality time for each other

We're talking about quality, not quantity. The number of hours you spend in each other's presence is a lot less important than what you do while you're together.

Good relationships take work. Whether it's a date night, taking a walk together, or just talking about your day over a glass of w...

3. Always needing to be right

Nobody is right 100% of the time. Being able to say you're sorry requires you to be able to admit when you did something wrong.

If you can't do that, you're essentially saying you're always right and your partner is always wrong, which is just never the case.

It's not a competition, s...

2. Hold grudges

Forgiveness is important not only in a relationship but in all parts of life. People make mistakes.

If you can't let things go even after they apologize and plenty of time has gone by, you're going to have a hard time ever being happy.

If you do tell your partner you forgive him/her, ...

1. Neglect one another

Relationships are living, vibrant things that require attention and nurturing every day.

Think of your relationship as a garden: if you only maintain it when you feel like it, you will very quickly have a dead garden. You have to weed and water and fertilize regularly, sometimes daily. You ...

5 Things We All Do That Slowly Destroy Relationships

Once the butterflies in your stomach start to fade, you're entering a new phase in your relationship where you're both comfortable being yourselves.

If you aren't careful, you could get too comfortable and start to lose sight of why you're in a relationship, to begin with.

It doesn't ...

You’ll achieve your goals if you observe your present reality with a positive momentum in the direction of your goals. But if you set a goal and observe your present situation with a negative or neutral bias, then your goals have no power to induce change.

This is precisely why a positive mental attitude is effective. Attitude is absolutely critical. If you spend time focusing on your positive intentions, but you also observe your present situation in either a neutral or negative way, you’re wasting your time.

The key is that when you observe your current reality, you always observe with a bias. Your bias is rooted in your beliefs, but let’s simplify that model to just three general biases: positive, negative, or neutral. All observati...

  1. All thought is creative. Every thought is an intention, including your perceptions. Observation is active creation, not passive witnessing. There’s no such thing as observation without creation.
  2. 100% responsibility. You’re 100% responsible for everyt...


If you’re in a situation you don’t want to be in, and you observe it or notice it, you’re thinking about it. That means you’re intending its continuation.

Intention-manifestation always works. When it seems like it isn’t working, the reason is that while you’re correctly putting out the intention for what you want, you’re also putting out the intention to continue manifesting what you don’t want. And you’re probabl...

A common question that we ask ourselves is "How come when I wholeheartedly intend X to happen, I still get the opposite of X?"

For example… How come when I intend wealth, I’m still poor? How come when I intend a new relationship, I’m still alone? How...

The return to Tumblr reflects a longing for the more recent past before the age of the influencer.

  • Aspiring artists prefer to remain anonymous because they want to be known for their work or point of view, not for their face or personality. 
  • Even on Instagram, there are now tho...

Hiding your identity has always been important

The gradual reveal of personal information, and building up to reveal your face was once a give-and-take among people in the same online space. 

When Instagram and TikTok made it possible to make money from your face, personality, thoughts, beliefs and personal trauma, young people ...

  • Anonymity is partly a response to security concerns. During the Black Lives Matter protests, millions of young people downloaded the encrypted messaging app Signal to avoid surveillance. The anonymous hacker group Anonymous made a buzzy return. Other activists used tools for...

A new era of anonymity

Gen Z would rather be anonymous online.

The youngest adult generation and the most online is frustrated with being surveilled and embarrassed by attention-seeking behaviours. This has caused a retreat into spaces where users rarely use their full names. 

Biz Sherbert ...

The yields are still very low. They don’t keep up with inflation, and if they eventually do, that’s probably not good news either.  Even if the Federal Reserve manages to reduce the rate of inflation close to its 2 percent target rate, it will slow the economy, perhaps tipping it into a recession...

A place for cash

 in the current unsettled markets, many people need good places to keep their short-term cash. Money market funds could work, but with some qualifications.

  • Another place for holding short-term money safely includes U.S. government bonds, which yield 9.62 percent. There are penalties if...

Money market mutual funds receive the reverse repurchase agreement, a.k.a. the reverse repo rate, for funds held by the Fed overnight, so it functions as a rough floor on yields.

That rate stands at 0.8 percent. It was close to zero for many months. 

At the moment, short-term Treasury...

Money market mutual funds

Money market mutual funds are convenient for individual investors and big institutions to keep money temporarily. However, their yields have been very low for years.

The Federal Reserve has begun to increase the short-term interest rate it controls, and money market fund yields available to...

Budget culture makes money all about you

It's about your actions, responsibilities and mindset, yet no management method can fix rising housing costs with stagnant wages.

Instead of questioning your mindset and willpower to fix your money, question what's happening around you. Do you feel comfortable and safe in y...