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Continously improve your physical,spiritual and mental dimension

- Physical dimension is about exercising and eating right food.

- Spiritual dimension is about finding a meaning.

- Mental dimension is about learning for lifetime.

The Changing Purpose Of The Office

Earlier in the pandemic, experts speculated that hybrid work would change not only what we used the office for, but also how it physically looked.

Several companies say they are updating their offices to suit new hybrid models, including creating team-focused spaces, collaborative areas for...

Value the differences in people.

- Not valuing the differences in people leads to dichotomous thinking (good or bad,Right or wrong,etc.)

- Valuing the difference will create a synergy that can make 1+1 as 11 and not 2.

- Synergy is seeking thrid alternative through win-win.

Listen to understand first and then reply.

- Most people do not listen to understand; they listen to reply.

- Next to physical survival, the greatest need of a human being is psychological survival which is to be understood.

- Our understanding will become our reply.

Wanted: A Fully Inclusive Hybrid Plan

What an ideal work set-up looks like for one worker couldn’t be a worse fit for another – and it’s virtually impossible to design a policy that accounts for every situation (and, no, fully remote work isn’t a universal panacea, either). In some hybrid work environments, nascent back-to-work polic...

A Diverse Emotional Impact For Hybrid Work

For some people, hybrid work provides a much-needed emotional boost. Employees who’ve been sorely missing human interaction are finding themselves recharged when they’re back with colleagues whose faces they haven’t seen in months. This has especially been the case for younger employees or those ...

Choose win-win or no deal.

- Win-win means that agreements or solutions which are mutually beneficial.

- If win-win is not possible then go for no deal.

- But no deal does not work sometimes like with a children or boss then compromise in short run.

Using roles for setting your goals.

- We play various roles like businessman,freelancer,father,son,mother,wife,etc.

- Two or three achievable results for each role will be your goals

- Schedule time to achieve your goals.

Prepare your personal mission statement.

- A Personal Mission Statement is your own philosophy to decide how to act.

- Your personal mission statement will act as changeless core in constantly changing world.

You have a choice to respond. 

- We are not our feelings,moods or even thoughts.  

- We can look at them separately from ourselves due to self awareness. 

- That self awareness help us to choose our response either based on reality or our conditioning.

The levers of workplace power could shift back to bosses, which could fundamentally alter how companies form and enact hybrid policies. And, if the labour market contra...

Boisterous and Sensitive Workers

It will be a while until workers are back in stable routines that enable them to restore good habits and cultivate behaviours that are correctly calibrated to the new role of the office.

With a focus on socialization, many colleagues are boisterous in ways they haven’t been in the past, lea...

Each Worker Has Different Needs

  • What an ideal work set-up looks like for one worker couldn’t be a worse fit for another.
  • It’s nearly impossible to design a fully inclusive hybrid work plan.
  • There's still a lot we don't know.
  • Both companies and workers are still in relatively early days.
  • Rese...

Hybrid Work Is A Moving Target

  • Hybrid work uptake is very different within companies.
  • There's really no one-size-fits all model across a business.
  • Companies embracing hybrid work have made many different moves, some requiring as few as a single day at the HQ, with others asking for four (often in more rigi...

The bottom line seems to be that we are not only ignorant but, alas, prostrate in our ignorance of the brain’s arcana. Theoretically, of course, there may yet emerge an as yet undiscovered materialist explanation for the brain and human consciousness. But to date we must ...

One outcome in science today is the rise of panpsychism, the view that all life forms participate in consciousness to at least some minimal. Panpsychism attracts many because it allows consciousness to be real rather than illusory (as per physicalism) but it remains in the same g...

Both Hoffman and Crick were finally forced to conclude that all purely physicalist theories of consciousness had failed to provide illumination and that the state of consciousness could not be explained in neurological terms, a conclusion powerfully endorsed for more than three d...

Hoffman develops the point further: “At the most microcosmic level the brain consists of subatomic particles which have qualities like mass, spin and charge. There is nothing about these qualities that relates to the qualities associated with consciousness such as thought, taste, pain or ...

The Bottom Line

To build on the referent, expert, and informational power, leadership must center on shared purpose. Both activism leadership and thought leadership unite diverse people from around the world because the 

The brusque and decidedly no-nonsense Crick was in the event fated to meet his Waterloo when it came to the subject of consciousness, explains Hoffman. Crick had at first attempted to explain it somewhat airily as nothing but an “emergent” property which “naturally” arose when matter reac...

Neil Thomas, Reader Emeritus in the University of Durham, England and a longtime member of the British Rationalist Association notes the key role neuroscience has played in undermining a purely materialist account of the mind — an unexpected role for neuroscience, perhaps, but that’s what...

Building Relationships

In addition to authenticity, listening to and understanding others underpins human connections. Relationships are much more intrinsically motivating than transactional rewards and punishments. Even before the pandemic, 78% of employees were willing to

Leading By Example

Referent power is about leading by example. Aspiring leaders and those retooling to lead in the post-pandemic world can develop their referent power through modelling transparency and authenticity, as well as listening and compassion.

Activist leaders must practice what they preach. An effe...

AI capable of thinking like a human would be a philosophical problem, to be sure, because it would mean both that intelligence can create itself and that it can be instantiated in a non-biological form.

However, such a development would not demonstrate tha...

Scientists haven’t solved this still called “Hard Problem of Consciousness,” and a materialist solution is nowhere in sight. Not for lack of trying. Some, improving on Darwin, insist that chimpanzees really do think like people if you study them enough (no, they don’t). Others cl...

Alternate Way Of Leading

Leaders can lead through referent, expert, and informational power, using purpose-centred inspiration while changing work organization to replace domination with the focus on wellbeing, outcomes, flexibility, and participation.

Positional leaders still can and need to use legitimate, reward...

Leadership Without Surveillance

  • Remote and flexible work challenges the traditional workplace authority model.
  • Now, positional leaders who used to rely on rewards and punishments have limited options.
  • They can attempt to use surveillance where it is likely to harm productivity, such as remote knowledge and ...

Effective Leadership Is Not the Same as Formal Authority

There are six bases of interpersonal power, or the ability to effect change.

  • Legitimate power: inherent in a position, such as a supervisor’s job title
  • Reward power: ability to grant bonuses, raises, promotions, and privileges
  • C...

A New Kind Of Leadership

The only way to lead effectively when you can’t force people to do something is to be an example, share information, and lead from a place of caring.



"Anxiety is thought without control,

Flow is control without thought"

How To Know What To Do Without Thinking?

  • As there are no wrong or right keys on piano , there are only decisions or "keys" that are more pleasant than others.
  • Similarly , do tasks in "STEP-WISE Linked" manner; means
  1. Start the task.
  2. Break it in parts (...

How To Achieve It?

  • When you are doing your best work & are in a total state of flow, where there is no separation between you and your work you're doing, you're having NO THOUGHTS in the moment.
  • And if you're having thoughts, it's just FLOWING RIGHT THRO...

What Is Flow Of State

  • A person who is in state of flow is at his maximum potential & productivity , can complete task faster than any other time of day.
  • In martial arts , "State of flow/State like water" is when a person's body do work or reacts without thinking i.e. instinctively.

The Three Levels Of Human Consciousness

There are three levels of human consciousness, based on the computation that happens in the brain.

  • The first, which they labeled "C0," represents calculations that happen without our knowledge, such as during facial recognition, and most AI functions at this level.
  • The second ...

AI And Consciousness

What exactly might "consciousness" mean for AI in the real world?

Philosophers have described consciousness as having a unique sense of self coupled with an awareness of what’s going on around you.

We may associate cognitive immobility with people who migrate and indeed it may be very common for them, but cognitive immobility can affect anyone who is willingly or unwillingly moving away from something – be it a relationship, a home, a job, a feeling of safety or...

There are psychological interventions that can help us balance our mental focus on the past, present and future. To avoid being stuck in the past and become more present focused, we can write down something we are grateful for every day. And to become more future focused, we could imagine our “be...

For now, it is evident that cognitive immobility has no perfect cure. But psychology offers some solutions which may prove to be useful, although they are yet to be investigated in the specific context of cognitive immobility.

Use Training Wheels

  • You are legitimately worried that something is beyond your capabilities, but that doesn't mean that you should not be involved at all.
  • Consider asking a trusted colleague or mentor to work on something with you so that you get some experience working at a level beyond what you have d...

Many opportunities that are put in your path are there because they do fit within your skill set (or close enough that you will succeed with effort).

When you say yes more often, you provide yourself with opportunities to succeed at things that fall inside your capabilities but outside your...