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We are on a mission to structure all the web-content & make it faster and more useful for everyone. We will transform the way content is being consumed and used. Thus improving the lives of all our users.
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Meaningful workplace

As a team, we are NOT optimising for happiness. Our goal is to maximise meaning. We don’t have a fancy office, don’t offer free meals, back-rubs or any other perks you can find in the industry.

What we offer is the adventure of your lifetime:

  • the chance to work on a product that can significantly improve society
  • the chance to do the best work of your life.

Be bright. Be you.

Great Product. Happy Customers. It all starts with the right team, which in turn starts with awesome people. We are looking for ambitious, self-driven individuals, who are passionate about the problem we are working on.

We don’t have a schedule. You can contribute when you feel you are most productive. And most of the team is remote. That has some advantages but it comes with responsibilities:

  • Take ownership

    We step up and get stuff done. We all know that things will not happen unless we work for it. There are tons of projects that need to get done and we all apply our skills to advance them.

  • Show your work

    Results matter more than anything. We let the work do the talking most of the time.

  • Act with urgency

    We’re focused on making quick decisions and executing fast. “How can this be done sooner?” is the mantra which we live by.

  • Over-communicate

    We speak up & have no patience for silent disagreements. We prefer healthy debates. And we all let our colleagues know what goes through our minds.

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