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Mobile Developer

Worldwide • Dev Team

About Us

Deepstash is a service for creative people to develop themselves and thrive in rapid developing world. We are developing a service to help them connect with ideas that will change to improve their lives. We deliver this through an app for iOS and Android. We have almost perfect ratings and we have tens of thousands of passionate users.

The project is the passion project of experienced entrepreneurs who have previously built multi-million dollar businesses & have exits under their belt. Vladimir & Dan are doing this for 15 years. Their biggest project, uberVU, was one of the earliest social media platforms, being used by many of the Forbes 500 companies. In 2014 it was acquired by Hootsuite and now Vladimir & Dan are stepping it up a notch. We would like you to join the adventure.

We are a small team so:

  • Passion for the problem is our fuel. Every day is a struggle, but we keep an eye on the prize. We are passionate about helping people learning and improving themselves and that’s what keeps us going.
  • We find a way or a make a way. We have problems to solve and making up excuses doesn’t help us.
  • We thrive in uncertainty, as we have more questions than answers. Not problems, but opportunities to learn new things.

Our tech stack is made of:

  • Django (Python), PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services on the Backend
  • React.Native on the front-end

What we’re looking for

We are looking for a mobile developer with a passion for product and delivery. This is the type of job where you are pushed in cold water and you have to learn to swim by yourself. Your personality and your traits matter more than your tech expertise:

  • We are looking for an independent, responsible person. Mainly because there is no time for micro-management. We expect you to be able to carry your own weight and be a reliable partner.
  • We are looking for a fast learner. We may need to use technologies that you never used before. That should not scare, but excite you. In most cases we may not even know what we need and you may have to propose something.
  • We are looking for you to get stuff done. We work in weekly sprints because we believe in consistent delivery over big lengthy releases.
  • We want you to be proactive. We appreciate conviction way more than consensus. Words are nice, opinions are cute … but proactivity in action is golden.
  • We want you to be a partner for your colleagues in the dev team. Help or lead the planning process, code reviews, commits etc. Provide guidance and help your colleagues when they get stuck.
  • We want you to be an over-communicator. Some people may work remote and it’s up to you to show your work, explain your ideas or highlight problems.

Now on technology, these would be nice:

  • Experience with mobile development (native or hybrid). We are a react shop but we appreciate developers coming from the native world.
  • Experience with automated testing suites.
  • Solid experience at working with third-party dependencies and debugging dependency conflicts.
  • Good understanding and experience of basic web building blocks HTML, JS, etc
  • Appreciation for great mobile interactions. Experience in interacting with design teams who use apps like Sketch, Adobe XD or Figma.

Why the hell would you sign up for something like this?

Seems like a demanding job description, doesn’t it? Why would you do it?

  • Because you need a purpose in your life. Because working a 9-5 job, in large team, detached by the effects of your efforts sounds awful to you. Because you want your work to matter!
  • Because you understand that assuming responsibility is the only way to grow and develop yourself. Muscles don’t grow while you Netflix and chill on your sofa, but through the pain and sweat in the gym. The same is true for your career and your life.
  • Because you will be part of an awesome team of diverse top-performing individuals. And you understand that an entourage of self-driven people is the best gift for your future.
  • Because you are intelligent to know to never surrender your opportunity for security. You can always get a cozy secure job, but opportunities to join greatness are far in between.

On the benefits side:

  • You can make your own schedule. We don’t care when and where you work from. You can let your work speak for you.
  • Good salary and comps
  • Options package. Meaning you can get shares in the whole enterprise and share the financial rewards of the company, when the time comes.

How to apply

Send us an email at hello [at] deepstash [dot] com. If applicable, please provide links to your LinkedIN, Github or Angelist profiles. Attach a CV, if you have one.