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About us

Deepstash is one of the hottest startups right now. Created by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, Deepstash helps millions of people across the globe to discover life changing ideas. We develop mobile and web apps and work on becoming one of the forces for good in this world.

We are a small team, so:

  • Passion for the problem is our fuel. Every day is a struggle, but we keep an eye on the prize. We are passionate about helping people learn and improve themselves and that’s what keeps us going.
  • We find a way or a make a way. We have problems to solve and making up excuses doesn’t help us.
  • We thrive in uncertainty, as we have more questions than answers. Not problems, but opportunities to learn new things.

Our tech stack is made of:

  • Django (Python), PostgreSQL, Amazon Web Services on the back end
  • React Native / React + Next.js on the front end

What will you be doing?

We are looking for a self-driven performance marketing specialist and growth hacker to help develop and scale our paid acquisition campaigns and tactically grow Deepstash's apps (predominantly mobile but also web).

We are firm believers in organic growth as that’s the only scalable way high-growth can be achieved. We don’t use paid acquisition as a main channel to bring users in, but to:

  • Jumpstart, boost and uplift every other growth effort we are involved in (like a strategic launch of a new country for our Google Play app).
  • Being in a new category of product (knowledge discovery), continuously test how we describe ourselves and learn how to push forward our point of view.

You will oversee all performance marketing activities and will work with the rest of the team (Content, Product, Growth, Engineering) to create and run highly targeted tactical campaigns from beginning to end (strategy, planning, execution, budgeting and optimization) across multiple channels.

This means:

  • Develop a paid advertising growth model that we can guide our efforts by and come up with your budget strategy based on it.
  • Drive campaigns from planning to execution and beyond, to meet key performance metrics.
  • Constantly allocate budgets, analyze and recommend modifications to ad spends.
  • Collaborate with the design and growth teams to guide A/B creative tests and spend-scaling tests on campaigns, to identify what works best.
  • Create and implement funnel- based (users that didn’t register, users that haven’t accessed our app in the past 2 days) remarketing campaigns on Google & Facebook.
  • Work with our team and demand new tracking events and anything that can help you optimize campaigns to drive better value for the budget spent, instead of just relying on bringing installs in.
  • Test new channels and trends (such as interactive ads or new platforms like TikTok).
  • Have a handle on all our cross-channel paid campaigns and always look for performance. Our attribution & reporting platforms should be your daily go-to. Monitor how users acquired from each campaign behave in our product and take strategic actions to lose worst performing campaigns of channels and push best performing ones.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to work with our internal team of designers and product people for ad creatives, but having a full-stack orientation and knowledge of design will work great to optimize the way you execute campaigns. Generating ad creatives on your own and being able to fully deliver a paid campaign from start to finish is something we value.


  • Experience with paid campaigns in a variety of channels and products like Google (UAC included), Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Twitter, Quora, Reddit and most likely dozens of others, as you will try to always find new channels that have a great acquisition cost and good user quality to propel us forward.
  • Experience with remarketing and retargeting techniques and products (Facebook & Google Dynamic Ads for example).
  • Experience with design products for ad creatives.
  • Knowledge of Amplitude, Branch, Google Analytics and in general, the mobile paid advertising ecosystem (such as app campaigns, deeplinks, attribution).
  • You have good instincts, but you don’t rely on them. You test. And then test again. Data is your daily food and you rely on it to make smarter decisions.
  • We are looking for an independent, responsible person. Mainly because there is no time for micro-management. We expect you to be able to carry your own weight and be a reliable partner.
  • Over-communicator. Some people may work remotely and it’s up to you to show your work, explain your ideas or highlight problems.
  • We want you to be proactive. Words are nice, opinions are cute … but proactivity in action is golden.
  • You have a strong business mindset and you're happy to work in a fully English speaking environment.
  • Plus: You are using our product :-)

Why the hell would you sign up for something like this?

Seems like a demanding job description, doesn’t it? Why would you do it?

  • Because you need a purpose in your life. Because working a 9-5 job, in large team, detached by the effects of your efforts sounds awful to you. Because you want your work to matter!
  • Because you understand that assuming responsibility is the only way to grow and develop yourself. Muscles don’t grow while you Netflix and chill on your sofa, but through the pain and sweat in the gym. The same is true for your career and your life.
  • Because you will be part of an awesome team of diverse top-performing individuals. And you understand that an entourage of self-driven people is the best gift for your future.
  • Because you are intelligent to know to never surrender your opportunity for security. You can always get a cozy secure job, but opportunities to join greatness are far in between.

On the benefits side:

  • You can make your own schedule.
  • Remote first: we don’t care when and where you work from.
  • Market-level salary
  • Stock options package

How to apply

Send us an email at hello [at] deepstash [dot] com. If applicable, please provide links to your LinkedIn, GitHub or Angelist profiles. Attach a CV, if you have one.


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