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3. Test test test 1 day ago ·  8 min read

N eedless to say, I’m not straight. And I’m quite progressive when it comes to relationships, gender norms, and marriage. (By progressive, I mean practical. Straight people are needlessly complicated.) My friend group is mostly LGBTQIA+ and we have a host of relationship issues, platonic and otherwise, but somehow it just seems easy to me.

Straight people, on the other hand, are kinda w eird. They choose anything over frank communication , cling to outdated gender norms, and consistently feel the need to prove their own straightness. This list was inspired by a female friend who thinks her boyfriend should never hang out with other women and a male friend who thinks the color pink is gay. Oh, the horror.

But before you say “not all straight people,” let me stop you right there. I agree. Onlymost straight people are like this. The straight men and women who are part of my majority-queer social circle behave very differently from the sorority-type girl clique I never quite fit into or the bro crew that hit on me a hundred ways to hell in law school.