Self Improvement


Reflection and Re-designing

Because each step has been broken down, you’ll be able to easily identify any points of weakness. This is done by reassessing all nine steps on a regular basis.

The other gain around continuous reflection and re-design is the way it propels you through failure. For example, if you realise that you’ve missed your daily learning habit four days in a row, then break it into something smaller that’s more easily consumable. This stops you beating yourself up and stops you giving up.

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3. Make notifications less intrusive
  1. Sound: An audible notification is the most interruptive and should only be granted to essential or harmless apps – banking, work IM, file downloader, or calls.
  2. Sight: After sound, visual triggers are the next level of interruption. Allow notifications that matter the most while you are using your phone – ongoing chats in meetings, OTP from SMS, etc.
  3. Sayonara: The rest of the apps on your phone can kiss notification privileges goodbye. You can open them only when you need them.
  • The body-mind complex is an imagination of the mind just like the bodies seen in a dream. All the activities done by the body are categorised as virtuous or sinful by the mind based on its conditioning.
  • The virtuous acts or sinful acts are supposed to result in joy or sorrow. When once we realise that we are not the doers, we cannot also experience the results of the acts.
  • Thus, as the results of the actions cannot bind us, the Infinite Reality, we are always free and ever liberated.
Ashtavakra Gita

by Aṣṭāvakra

When you lead a group, the people in it have their own agendas. You have to maintain a chain of command where they don't feel left out by your influence. So, to counter this, create a sense of participation but don't fall into groupthink.

3. Blocking Distractions

Our generation is the most distracted one to date. We have so many things to get distracted with that focusing on what’s important has become difficult and getting distracted has become easy.

Distraction includes everything from your phone to social media to any other habit of yours which gives you pleasure but is a waste of time.

Today, If one can learn to block distractions, he/she has already won 75% of the battle of becoming productive.

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