Time Management


Time tracking reveals unexpected trends and insights and ecourages a more strategic approach to time management. 

Time management tips:

  • Pick a time tracking tool: a timesheet app, a desktop time tracker, a mobile app, a browser extension or a stopwatch timer.
  • Track even the smallest tasks like phone calls, meetings, coffee breaks, distraction time.
  • Review your performance regularly with charts and reports. 
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Time Management


  • Know your tools. Learn keyboard shortcuts, labeling systems and other tiny features of your apps and tools that can save hours of work time monthly.
  • Document guidelines, meetings, procedures to unload your mind, refer to and share them with others in a few clicks.
  • Store passwords, login data, usernames and other credentials in password managers (like Clipperz).
  • Backup important data. Have a copy of important docs on your cloud or external storage.

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