Easy Steps To Start Meal Planning

Why meal plan? It saves you time, money and can help you be healthier.

Here are the three easy steps you need to start meal planning.

1. Decide what day you will do your meal planning. I do the planning in the middle of the week for the following week before I go shopping.

2. Write down the meals AND SNACKS that you want for the week. Don’t forget snacks.

3. Set aside some time on a weekend to batch cook. Batch cooking is the key to saving time and money.

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How To Fit Healthy Eating Into Your Day

The key points to remember when you are trying to fit healthy eating into your day;

  • Plan and prepare your food in advance. It stops you making bad decisions when you are running between meetings.
  • Block out periods in your day to give you a natural break to eat. 
  • Eat at the same times each day to create a positive habit.

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Easy Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Day

Stop wasting these regular periods of the days and turn them into exercise time with no fuss:

Morning commute - get off the bus or train early and walk or run part of the way. Bike to work instead.

Lunchtime - go to the gym, for a swim, a run or a brisk walk.

Evening - can't get to the gym? Do home workouts using all the free online videos there are.

Weekends - everyday chores burn calories but you can up it with a family cycle ride or go for a solo run.

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How To Work Productively From Home
  • Get a desk. Try to put it in a less used room of the house with a quality chair.
  • Natural light. Be by a window for natural light and fresh air.
  • Get up early. Don't work from your bed.
  • Exercise. Preferably outside to get you up and into the fresh air.
  • Be healthy. Eat well and drink plenty of water.
  • Top three tasks. Capture your top three tasks for the day with the most difficult first.
  • Prepare your calendar. Know what the day is bringing.
  • Take breaks. Do not sit at your desk all day.

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