Gifted children should, generally, be motivated in schools. That’s why the detection of high abilities is so important, in particular, to avoid boredom. On the other hand, geniuses tend to have a more intrinsic and innate motivation to develop their talent. This is because they really like what they do.

It’s quite easy to verify this, as those we consider to be geniuses are known for their achievements or work, which they develop because they actually want to. In other words, they’re passionate about something they’re also very good at.

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We generally tend to think of early risers as more energetic and productive. Nevertheless, this isn’t entirely true.

In fact, if we talk about the number of hours that an individual can remain alert and mentally agile, the night owls win. In addition, some studies have found that, after ten hours of wakefulness, night owls demonstrate greater cerebral activation in the regions related to attention.

Often great solutions to problems are ignored because a leader wants the solution to be his or her idea.

Challenge yourself to be brutally honest

“Why, exactly, am I feeling this way?” Get to the bottom of that. Investigate it. Dissect it. 

When you feel resistance, use that as a cue to go forward. The challenge, of course, is training yourself to think that way.

This isn’t about talent or some unconscious reflex. The practice of self-awareness—to think about your thinking—in how you think, feel, and behave is a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.

You cannot force anyone to find personal fulfillment in their work, but you can create an environment that fosters it, by atrenting to the first four needs and thereby setting stage for this one to be achieved as well.

When team membes are fulfilled, they are fully utilizing their gifts with a team which they love, doing work that is fulfilling.

And the awesome part is that this fulfillment is contagious - it is actively reproducing in the other members. They notice other team members at different stages and are personally invested in helping everyone on the team move through the stages.

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