Critical Thinking


The fear of making mistakes

The fear of making mistakes can have individual (psychological) or organizational causes. The classic individual cause is perfectionism, which leads to lack of productivity, tense climate, micromanagement, and burnout. 

The organizational cause can come from a culture in which exists a fear of failure, a culture in which failure is analyzed not to see what we can learn from it, but to find and punish the guilty, a culture that punishes action, but not the mistakes made due to inaction, causing a total lack of initiative.

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Critical Thinking


Use the " Yes, but..." technique: find agreement and follow your agreement up by showing when you disagree.

Finding any form of agreement is crucial in winning an argument, even if your position if perfectly logical. But you have to know exactly when you agree with someone (regarding which parts of their position) and when you don't.

How To Win An Argument Without Making Enemies
How Emotional Transfer Works
  • Unconscious mimicry. People constantly mimic other people’s gestures, sounds, and facial expressions. We do this automatically. 
  • Reacting to emotional stimuli. Because a fearful face often indicates that there is something to be afraid of, we react to it with fear.
The Influential Mind

by Tali Sharot

  • “the leading position is one of support, not authority”
  • “don’t make someone’s else decisions your decisions”
  • “I hire people who complete my skill set”
  • “integrating a new employee into the team is more important than his skills”
  • “all those affected by a decision must take part in the discussion”
  • “for a good relationship, the ratio between praise and criticism must be 3 to 1”
  • “when something goes wrong, I’m not looking for who’s to blame because that’s me”.

The consulting firm Bain & Company designed a model that describes the roles in a group decision and patented it under the acronym RAPID. The letters mean Recommend, Agree, Perform, Input and Decide. 

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