NO boundaries = little self-esteem

The first step to change is admitting this.

Your boundaries are your values. Boundaries are representative of how much or little you respect yourself. 

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  • You should be able to spend some time every day engaging in activities that energize and recharge you; it takes only a few moments to make a day more productive and fulfilling.
  • Even in the worst situations, you can find opportunities for growth. The key is to shift your focus away from what others do that hinders you and instead seek out small things that enable you to make daily forward progress. 
  •  Even if you are stuck in a job that is far from ideal, you have the ability to create a little meaning on the side (for example, volunteering in your free time).
Are You Fully Charged?

by Tom Rath

The People That Surround You

The people around you are your mirrors. They are the ones who allow you to see aspects of yourself — and vice versa.

Deliberately choosing the people around you is how you can sculpt yourself.

Effectively manage yourself

Rules to Managing Yourself So You Can Manage Others. Seriously, if you're not managing yourself effectively, how do you expect to manage your team? ...

  • Work hard. You need to be prepared to work hard. ...
  • Be healthy. Often working hard means being busy. ...
  • Speak the truth. ...
  • Sharing is caring. ...
  • Be decisive. ...
  • Enjoy yourself, always.

The most important form of selfishness involves spending time on your fitness, eating right, pursuing your career, and still spending quality time with your family and friends. .

Selfishness is good especially when you are starting your journey to success. You need to be selfish with your time and money. Being selfish is only bad when you become a burden on society

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big

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