Time Management


Research shows that you can find relief from the Zeigarnik effect by simply planning to finish your tasks.

What you can do:

  • Make a habit of writing your tasks down.
  • Have a system for organizing and regularly reviewing your tasks.
  • Have an end of work shutdown ritual, so your mind knows it's time to switch off.
  • Identify a small step you can take to get started. Then your brain is more eager to keep going.
  • Don't forget to review what you've already accomplished.
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Time Management


Wasting Time Creatively
  • Successful and innovative companies such as Apple and Google actively encourage their employees to take time-outs during the working day in order to boost creative thinking.
  • Activities like walking and taking short naps actually increases and boosts creativity. Wherein it is an important asset to have in an increasingly competitive workplace.
  • Innovative thinking is needed more than ever, and we can only have it if we allow the conscious mind to find diversion and wander freely from time to time.
  • Simply turn off your phone notifications or just switch the phone off, if you really want to concentrate. The world will not end and you can always catch up later.
  • If what you are concentrating on isn’t very interesting, your mind will wander to something else in a short while.
  • Don’t forget to take regular breaks!
Nothing Is Better Than Something

Planning ahead and filling our calendars with various social activities that are supposedly for fun, leisure, and pleasure can make them seem like a chore. Simple, relaxing activities turn into work if we plan and schedule them like an obligation, as it will take the same type of effort as making a report or attending a business meeting.

Being impromptu and spontaneous in one’s leisure activities is what makes them enjoyable.

Self-care can be on the front line on Mondays, with meditation, yoga, journaling and hot baths being the norm. Even a special coffee or a short walk in the park for fresh air can liven up your day.

If your mental health is seriously deteriorating at the start of the week, you need to examine your current role and find out how to make your work more meaningful and enjoyable.

Burnout at work can be checked by talking to a career counsellor or a therapist.

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