Time Management


The Problem With Longing For The Weekend

It is okay to long for the weekend occasionally, like when it is Thursday and the week-long workload has been too much. But if one is dreading Monday on a Sunday evening, the work environment may be toxic.

The best jobs can exhaust us, but if the longing for the weekend is a regular feeling, we may need to find a new job profile that is not diminishing us.

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Time Management


We are not only complex human beings but have divergent goals and desires. We are also increasingly impacted by external pressures. We are often pursuing what we believe is our top goal when it has been shaped by someone else. For example, you work on a project that you think will get you a promotion in a company you dislike.

The first step to guide your focus is to consider what is expendable and then focus on the remaining true priority.

  • One has to be clear on what really matters, and what will be the result in a week, month or quarter.
  • The 24 hours of the day have to be utilized keeping in mind the future.
  • Make a list of a few things that you want to accomplish during the day, and focus on those things only, clearing everything else from your day.
  • One can batch-execute replying to emails and notifications and only focus on about two to three high-impact tasks during the day.

Try to accept boredom as an uncomfortable, but necessary emotion to point you back to a well-lived life.

Regain perspective by spending time in nature or talking with friends. Alternatively, meditation might be useful.

"Moving the needle" is used by organisations to describe work with a noticeable impact. However, it can be exhaustive and counterproductive for an individual person to follow such a strategy.

A person should, instead of moving the needle, operate the most efficient levers. Moving the needle may imply hard work, whereas using a lever means using your input to amplify your output.

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