• Whether digital or the (preferable) pen and paper, having a journal is a must to document nonsensical, random thoughts that may be the bricks of your next masterpiece.
  • Prewriting is as essential as the actual writing, and this rough exercise is done on your doodle pad or notepad. We can then give it shape, categorize it or file it for later use.
  • Writing is to be looked at from a reader’s mindset, and has to be about giving something.
  • The struggle, ego and insecurity are part of the writer’s block that simply disappears if we love the process of writing.
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After reading 1984, it leaves one questioning how to avoid getting there. But with Brave New World, it's more difficult. Everyone is satisfied and happy. There are no resistance or secret police. Yet, we have this very uneasy feeling that something is very wrong with a society that's been hacked in such a way that they're content all the time.

When it was first printed, it was a frightening dystopia, but today, many people read it as a utopia. It says a lot about the shift in our worldview.

Do not sprinkle your resume with jargon and buzzwords, as it does not convey any story, but only feels like hollow boasting to the person screening your profile.

Go for the simple approach and craft a story that hooks the recruiter, and sets you apart from others.

Emails are fundamental to our daily communications

About 300 billion emails are sent around the globe every day. On average, people working in an office get 121 emails per working day. We often send and read them without thinking about them for a second.

But emails are vital. We send them because of traceability or a time difference, or we need many people reading the same thing.

Fake Smile Vs Genuine Smile

People think of a smiling person as likable, trustworthy, cooperative, and believable. But smiling is so easy anyone can fake it and exploit the other person.

Genuine smiles involve a few wrinkles around the eyes and are also called Duchenne smiles. The problem is people can also crank out a seemingly genuine smile on demand.

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