Military professionals begin their emails with a brief, staccato statement that states the purpose of the email and the action required, this is called their "BLUF" or Bottom Line Up Front.

An effective BLUF distills the most important information. It helps the reader or the recipient digest the content quickly since it answers the five Ws: who, what, when, where, and why.

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  • Sci-Fi fans have often been categorized as geeks, who are disconnected from reality.
  • The fantasy world they encapsulate their minds in requires creating story worlds that increase their emotional quotient, mental resilience and problem solving skills.
  • Good science fiction writing engages the reader in real human dilemmas, helping young readers make sense of the world.
  • Stories like Hunger Games or Beggars In Spain help many young people understand complex social, economical and political issues.
Professionally Ghosted

To be ghosted by your professional contacts, like a Linkedin connection, your prospective client, or your office colleague can feel confusing, with a sense of rejection that can shatter your confidence.

We try to retrace our steps and figure out what went wrong, and also try to follow up for the sake of closure.

Successful pitchers tend to be categorised by catchers as one of three types.

  • The showrunner comes off as a professional who combines creative inspiration with production know-how.
  • The artist appears to be unpolished and prefer the world of ideas to happen daily.
  • The neophyte seems young, inexperienced, and naive.

The showrunner involves the audience in the creative process by deliberately levelling the power differential, the artist inverts the differential, and the neophytes exploit it. They all get the catchers to view themselves as creative collaborators.

The Art Of Giving
  • One needs to create value to claim value, and successful negotiators do not declare victory until they can help everyone win.
  • A win-win situation for all is the new age negotiation, which is more about giving and less about taking.
  • Most of us believe that the results are fixed, and we also expect the worst in others, which eventually brings out the worst in others.
  • Trying to understand the needs of our opponent and working from that angle results in better negotiation and better results for everyone involved.

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