The weather affects so many decisions we make each day: what to wear, where to eat lunch, how to travel. We have these things in common, and we can talk about them if we try.

We need to reach out to people we don't know as it connects us in a world that seems to want to keep us apart.

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The Meaning Of "Sad"
  • In Old English, sæd, meant full.
  • In German, satt, still means full.
  • In Latin, satis, meant enough.
  • By the 14th century, sad meant firm and resolute thus developing the seriousness of the word.
  • In the modern era, sad now means that "one is in sorrow" or someone who is weary and tired.

Both Async and Sync communication is necessary in a workplace.

As real-time communication is necessary to boost team morale, employee engagement and creative brainstorming, we cannot rely on only asynchronous communication. The manager needs to balance the communication methods to create a model best suited for the company culture.

Sign of the horns

This sign has a lot of possible origins. The popularisation is attributed to Ronnie James Dio in the 1970s. Dio says his Italian grandmother inspired him to pick up on the "corna" gesture to ward off the "evil eye" and bad luck.

His grandmother might have been inspired by the 1897 novel Dracula, which mentions characters using the sign to protect themselves from the evil eye.

Poor social skills are a real disadvantage because this is often seen as a moral failure rather than a merely intellectual one. 

Having good social skills is more risk-avoidance than reward-seeking. Having good social skills is about avoiding misfires which cause mutual communication to break down.

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