Problem Solving


The most valuable thing about clearly presenting the thinking behind a point of view is the willingness to participate in a reasoned exchange of ideas.

In principle, it suggests you're prepared to:

  • Justify your position.
  • Listen to, and learn from other perspectives.
  • Accept that you might have to reconsider your opinion or change your mind.
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Problem Solving


The best ideas come to those who wait

Many of us think that our creativity comes from our first ideas. We assume that finding creative solutions slow down over time.

This assumption is wrong, research suggests. The best ideas come to those who wait. Patience and perseverance will lead to more innovative solutions.

Take weight loss. Imagine you want to lose 100 pounds. You avoid sugar, count calories, and it yields big results at first. You lose two pounds a week. But, subsequent efforts yield smaller and smaller results. You then add more exercise or more research, only to find tiny returns.

When you plateau, doing more won't work. Pushing through the dip by maximising what you're already doing will help you get a tiny bit further.

Adhering To Long-Term Goals

There is a strategy we can use to guide us in making better decisions and reduce discrepancies when faced with challenges. The If/Then Tactic also known as Matros's Strategy uses the power of anticipating future scenarios and creating concrete plans for when we finally face the moment.

It allows us to work on our patience and perseverance by focusing on the things we will do rather than those we won't do and it makes the tactic powerful and effective.

Working with our hands

Activities that use our hands relieve stress and help solve problems:

  1. Using our hands on a task that doesn’t demand much cognitively gives the mind a chance to relax and rest.
  2. When our brain is “offline,” it gives it a chance to work on problems behind the scenes.
  3. There is something primal about it. We have actively used our hands as part of our daily survival for thousands of years.

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