Problem Solving


Public problem solvers

In these dark days, the world is full of profound and deepening problems. Some leaders realise the need to work differently to achieve their goals and impact the world.

Public problem-solvers possess a skill set that can be applied to any public problem for making measurable change. However, public problem solving is not yet a defined field. Some people use the term "social innovator" or "change agent."

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Problem Solving


  1. Move towards action by doing more and researching less. Follow the ‘Just Do It’ mantra.
  2. Choose one system that works with your natural inclination, even if it isn’t the best way.
  3. Occam's Razor states that the explanation which is the simplest and has the least number of assumptions is more likely to be true. Embrace this mental model in your daily decisions.
Skilled improvisers are necessary

When you deal with a crisis, you need managers and employees that can think on their feet and act fast without first looking for an instruction manual. It means that you need skilled improvisers.

Capable improvisers will steer their companies through crises, paradigm shifts, technological breakthroughs and environmental disasters. But employee training programs seldom focus on becoming better improvisers, and hiring teams don't often screen for improvisation skills.

Metacognition - the ability to reflect on our thinking - plays a large part in our decision-making processes.

We don't only have emotions or desires that drive us. We also reflect on our emotions, regret our decisions, and try to work around them to pursue our immediate and delayed goals.

Efficacy, effectiveness, efficiency

These terms sound very similar and are often used interchangeably in everyday conversations.

  • Efficacy means getting stuff done. (Related question: Is it working?)
  • Effectiveness means doing the right things. (Is it working well?)
  • Efficiency means doing things right. (Is it working in the most economical way?)

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