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My published ideas


Stage 5: Refinement
  1. Try to improve your methods and techniques
  2. Figure out tools and techniques to get greater results with minimal efforts in less time.
  3. Do your own research and apply improvement 🙂




Phase 2 Eligibility
  1. In order to pass Phase 1, it is recommended that you gain 75% of the total score.
  2. Above 50% may be acceptable, however the further you are away from the 100% mark, it is likely that you will face the difficulties in Phase 2.

Passing Phase 1 means:

1. You have worked according to plans

2. You should have found some enhancements and removed some barriers. Which means, you have understood yourself better as compared to Day `0` before starting Phase 1. You would be capable for introspection.

3. You acted according to plan and is able to focus and follow through under the Ulysses’ pact.



Just be happy
  • The pursuit of happiness is a fallacy. You can be happy right now, at this moment.
  • There’s no end destination where you’ll finally catch up to the happiness train and ride it into the eternal bliss sunset.

Society puts so much pressure on people being happy:

  • Choose a job that brings you joy but also a partner that does the same.
  • Workout because your cortisol levels will decrease
  • have plenty of sex so your serotonin increases.
  • Have hobbies you love and friends you love more.
  • Because all of this combined will ensure your happiness.

When you focus your attention too much on anything, you’re bound to smother it. Happiness shouldn’t be a part-time job but, rather, a byproduct of just having fun with life.