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Overthinking can be very enriching, but stressful situations can send the overthinker into overdrive.

Tips to help bring back focus:

  1. Yoga can help quieten the mind.
  2. Challenge your brain in a soft-focus way, such as counting back in threes from 100.
  3. Repetitive tasks are relaxing, such as running, knitting, sewing, or rhythmic music.
  4. If you feel overwhelmed, concentrate on the next five minutes. "What do I need right now? What can I see?"
  5. Find something safe that needs minimal planning to help release adrenaline.
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Problem Solving


Thinking like Jacques Derrida (1930-2004)

Jackie - his real name - was born in Algeria on 15 July 1930. Some consider him as one of the greatest philosophers of the 20th century.

Part of thinking like Derrida is taking the things we take most for granted, such as our identity and language, and looking for assumptions, contradictions, and absences.

Mathematics: The Language Of Science
  • According to Galileo Galilei, mathematics is the language in which God scripted the universe.
  • A language, as defined by linguist Noam Chomsky, is a set of sentences constructed using a finite set of elements, being able to represent events and abstract concepts.
  • Mathematics is considered a bona-fide language by many linguists though there are others who disagree and say that it is mostly in written format only.
  1. Many people are unable to put the effort and blindly follow simple calculations with black-and-white outcomes.
  2. Assuming that there is no room for error in the first place, and making a decision based on that.
  3. Underestimating the ability of things to change for the better, and banking on things to remain bleak and static.
  4. Idolizing others who may not be in the same space as you are, and following their actions and decisions.

One way to improve ideas is to think of sources of information as being in memetic buckets. If your idea inputs come from the same memetic bucket, your outputs will replicate the same concepts in that bucket. Your thoughts won't be new or particularly interesting.

To combat this:

  1. Reduce the overlap in idea sources.
  2. Go through your social media feeds and see what sources say the same things in different ways.
  3. Pick one or two favourites out of them, and ditch the rest.

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