Problem Solving


Using intrinsic motivation

Without realising, our goals often originate from an outside source, such as societal pressure or a promotion at work. This works well in the short term, but only if the external rewards feel satisfying. 

In contrast, asking ourselves a question is more effective than giving ourselves an order because it leads to intrinsic motivation. We are motivated to reach a goal in and for itself.

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Problem Solving

Advice For Young Scientists

Published in 1979, Advice to a Young Scientist is a practical and philosophical guide to curious people engaged in exploratory activities.

The author, Peter Medawar, was a Nobel Prize-winning biologist, and a lively, witty writer. The book had several key insights for young explorers so that they don’t get lost in their journey.

Advice for Young Scientists—and Curious People in General


This means that when you form an opinion, you make a list of conditions that would change your mind.

That keeps you honest, because once you get attached to an opinion, it’s really hard to let go. But if you identify factors that would change your mind up front, you keep yourself flexible.

Why Thinking Like a Scientist Is Good for You


The benefits of doodling are:

  1. Feelings of relaxation
  2. Mood regulation
  3. Better memory recall
  4. Increase in creativity and authenticity
  5. Deepening of learning in a multimodal manner.

The Mental Health Benefits of Doodling


  • Commit to the Pomodoro Technique: this method breaks down tasks into short chunks of time, with a brief break in between each.
  • Save things for later: when you come across articles and videos throughout your day that force you to make a decision, don't break your momentum and start saving these items for later.
  • Make a to-do list and break down tasks.
  • Reduce digital clutter in your work life (notifications, for example).
  • Listen to classical music, electronic music, and even white noise (productivity music).

The Life-Changing Magic of Monotasking


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