Time Management


The not-to-do list is powerful

To-do lists help us to keep track and manage our focus. But equally important is a no-to-do list. It is a way to identify useless tasks, inefficient processes, bad habits, and time-consuming products, then making a point to avoid them.

Generally, your not-to-do list contains anything emotionally draining, out of your control, bad for your health or relationships, or has little value.

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Time Management

If we are struggling with productivity and not making progress despite our efforts, we can ask ourselves the following two questions that focus on our direction:

  1. Where are we going?
  2. What do we need to do to get there?

There is uncertainty seeped in these questions, but embracing the uncertainty is part of the process. We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

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We forgot long ago that health is more important than money.

  • Sleep deprivation and heart disease are the two most common and serious health issues due to overworking.
  • Other common physical and mental problems due to overworking are high blood pressure, migraines and ulcers.
  • Many of these are related to stress and anxiety and result in a lack of focus, fatigue and burnout.

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The Principles of Prioritizing

There are two principles to understand when it comes to prioritizing:

  1. What do you want to prioritize?
  2. How much time will you spend on each one?

Once we learn the answers to those questions we can only then behind to properly prioritize what is needed.

We usher in the factors of time and scheduling, our reasoning, our capability of pursuing, and proper tracking of progress. When we hold ourselves accountable for each action taken, we are able to waste less time and become more productive.

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The constant state of busyness

We often walk a fine line between feeling challenged with the tasks we set and feeling overwhelmed by them.

Living in a constant state of busyness as a badge of honour can cause stress and damage our health and relationships. And when stress is self-made, it is less likely to disappear.

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