Time Management


Ultra-fast lasers, linked to atomic clocks, creates a new kind of optical atomic clock that is being researched by scientists. It is about a hundred times more precise than previous atomic spin measurements.

Such hyper-accurate time using laser beams provides new ways for scientists to detect space-time distortion, volcanic eruptions, and distant gravitational waves.

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Time Management


  • Work and life are not strictly separated. If you are happy at home, you bring a huge amount of energy to the office. If you're happy at work, you come home with energy. It is really a circle, not a balance.
  • Your work is not just a job. You may find genuine joy in your work.
  • Your work may just be a job to pay the bills.
  • You may not want to achieve a work-life balance.
  • Work-life balance assumes a limited definition of work.
  • Work-life balance is a myth.

Recent research on remote workers reports that about 80 percent want to continue working from home, and not in co-working spaces or cafes.

The lure of the coffee shop is not going away even after this temporary jolt, as people who are working from home can benefit from the change of scenery and the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee that is hard to find at home.

When our minds are not stimulated, it can feel like time is moving very slowly.

When we are fully engaged, especially when we are busy with activities that keep us in a state of flow, our sense of time seems to speed up or even disappear. This "flow state" is where one is wholly absorbed in a mental or physical activity.

Increasing Your To-Do-List’s Productivity
  1. Divide it into the following categories: Today, This Week, Later This Week, Long Term.
  2. Once you complete a task, delete it. If you need to follow it up, make a new entry for it.
  3. In the long-term section, keep notes about future big projects you want to execute.
  4. Keep it synced through all your devices so you can edit it anytime.

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