Self Improvement


Focus on PROCESS , not EVENT ...

The second thing you can do to maintain long-term focus is to ,


People who stay focused on their goals , make commitments towards their process rather than the event or results .They fall in love with the daily practice, not the individual event.

Focusing on outcomes and goals is our natural tendency, but focusing on processes leads to more results over the long-run.

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Self Improvement

Power of RITUAL ....

The power of a ritual , is that it provides a mindless way to initiate your behavior.

A good ritual removes the need of thinking:

  • What should I do first?
  • When should I do this?
  • How should I do this?

A good ritual or routine makes starting a behavior to be easy and automatic so you have the strength to finish it when it becomes difficult and challenging.

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How FEWDBACK brings a CHANGE ??

Having direct feedback on the results of your specific actions can reinforce positive changes, help you developing habits , and inspire you to take further action.

Feedback also helps you set goals for what you can reasonably accomplish.

Trying to make ongoing systemic changes in life without feedback is hard. Feedback gives you the information you need to improve. Without it, you may be completely missing the mark of what you want to achieve.

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Be motivated

Emotionally intelligent people are self-motivated and their attitude motivates others. 

They set goals and are resilient in the face of challenges.

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Focus on "HOW" not "WHY" ...

Let's just ignore 'why' people cannot live happily .Care more about 'how' we can change it .

You are chasing something random that you believe makes you happy like:

  • You buy something,
  • You hook up with people,
  • You go on holiday,

But these random things can give you temporary happiness , and people run throughout their lives catching these temporary happiness.

And due to these temporary happiness many people can't live their lifes to the fullest .

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