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Self esteem improvement for a better future. ....
  • Take stock of yourself. Before you can solve any issue, you must first take a step back and assess the situation. ...
  • Power your thoughts with positivity. In many cases, recurring negative thought patterns are what fuel low self-esteem. ...
  • Change small habits first. ...
  • Learn to receive compliments. ...
  • Get a move on.
  • Nobody's perfect. ...
  • Remember that everyone makes mistakes. ...
  • Focus on what you can change. ...
  • Do what makes you happy. ...
  • Celebrate the small stuff.
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Welcome to Deepstash


Good functioning

Tips For Forced Functioning

• When at home, leave your phone aside, as it can consume all your remaining hours in distractions.

• Remove unhealthy food from the fridge and pantry.

• While working from a cafe, leave your laptop charger at home. Now you have a few hours to complete your work before your laptop dies.

• Set yourself short deadlines. Too much time hampers productivity.

• Investing your money in your goal makes you more serious about it.

Organize yourself

Lists to Organize Yourself Perfectly

 • Vision List - consists of everything you want to experience in life.

 • 100 Days List - all the task waiting for you in the next 100 day.

 • Personal Sprint Backlog or Bi-Weekly Sprint - tasks categorized by to-do, in progress, and done.

 • Daily 3T List - the three most important tasks of the day.

 • Not-to-do List -tasks you simply don’t do, no matter what.


World’s first commercial airline: The two flying brothers

 • The airline made two flights daily, six days a week. The tickets sold out 16 weeks in advance. 

 • Then a second Benoist airboat was added with Tony Jannus' brother, Roger, as the pilot. The airline operated for almost four months before interest declined rapidly because winter residents went back north.

 • The brothers continued to perform tests of aircraft and trained other pilots. Both brothers died while flying - Tony's plane crashed into the Black Sea in 1916 while training Russian pilots, and Roger crashed during

Depression is not a joke

Traits of a perfectly hidden depression syndrome

 • Your perfectionism is fueled by a constant, critical inner voice of intense shame or fear.

 • You demonstrate an excessive sense of responsibility and look for solutions.

 • You are unable to accept and express painful emotions.

 • You dismiss or discount abuse or trauma.

 • You worry a lot and avoid situations where you're not in control.

 • You are highly focused on tasks and expectations and validate yourself with your accomplishments.

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