Stop fighting the same inner battles, and reconstruct the things that are broken.

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Many people do not speak about their mental health until the absolute breaking point due to the stigma that society attaches to psychological problems.

  • The truth is that self-care and mental health is something that needs to be given proper attention.
  • Only taking care of the physical body is simply not enough.
  • There shouldnโ€™t be a demarcation between mental of physical, as both are health issues related to the individual.
  • It is not selfish to value yourself and prioritize your health.
Neurogenesis vs Neuroplasticity
  • Neurogenesis - is the process of which new neurons/brain cells grow in the brain;
  • Neuroplasticity - refers to the existing neurons and the new neurons grow and form different connections with each other. It shapes who we are.
Thought stopping DIY

You can have a shot at doing it yourself by following these four steps:

  1. Say "Stop!" when you experience a recurring thought, either aloud or to yourself.
  2. Negate the bad thought in a positive way, by exchanging the negative thought for a positive one. Replace "I cannot..." orย "I will not..." with "I can..." or "I will..."
  3. Take a deep breath, or learn a breathing relaxation technique, to help you relax instead of feeling anxiety, and say the peaceful thought out loud or in your mind repeatedly until the bad thought disappears.
  4. Complete these steps every time you notice the recurring thought.

You're not always either depressed or fine. Sometimes you're just in the middle, and that's what is called languishing.

It's a state where you're just meh. You're not really suffering, but you're not exactly fired up either.

That state might lead to further mental health issues. Hence, it should be acknowledged.

The best way to counter it is to get ingrossed in something, whether it's playing a game, improving a skill or simply watching a movie.ย 

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