7. Re-conceptualize the problem

One common trait that creative people tend to share is that they typically re-conceptualize problems more often than less creative people do. Instead of continuing to throw yourself at the same mental wall, try taking a step back.

  • Revisit the problem from the very beginning. Is there a different way to think about the problem? Can you look at the issue from a different angle?

Giving yourself this chance to start over with a fresh point of view can foster creative thinking and lead to more novel solutions.

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17. Try the snowball effect

Have you ever noticed how one idea often leads directly to another?

You can take advantage of this by utilizing a "snowball technique" when you are generating ideas for your project.

If the idea isn't appropriate for your current work, set it aside to work on later, or implement it in a future project.

How exactly do psychologists define creativity?

Studying creativity can be a tricky process. Not only is creativity a complex topic in and of itself, but there is also no clear consensus on how exactly to define creativity. 

Many of the most common definitions suggest that creativity is the tendency to solve problems or create new things in novel ways.

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