जेम्स क्लिअर - विचारमौक्तिके


MUSSOORIE: A large number of devotees today converged on the Bala Hisar tomb of Baba Bulleh Shah to celebrate the 28th Urs of the revered Punjabi Sufi poet with enthusiasm and fervour.

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जेम्स क्लिअर - विचारमौक्तिके


I kicked off the session with an ice breaker to energize the crowd. Took them back to their childhood with the rhyme - "If you are happy and you know it.." and made them clap, stomp and say hello :D. Gaurang then introduced Ahmedabad Salesforce DUG and shared all its activities and what's in it for participants and volunteers. After that, I introduced the current trends in technology and how "cloud" picked up in the last decade and how learning Salesforce can lead to good career opportunities. Rushabh continued explaining different offerings (Sales, Service, Wave etc) along with a small demo

Bulla created the new tubs following research which found that Australians produce 3m tonnes of plastic each year, with only 12% being recycled.

If you see the sarkarnama or sufinama you can see songs like bulla nachaiya, bulle di preet.. And so on.

But I appreciate the way it is presented on Pinterest. Good going.

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE )--Toast , the cloud-based, end-to-end technology platform purpose-built for the entire restaurant community today announced the appointment of Elena Gomez as Chief Financial Officer, effective immediately. As CFO, Gomez will lead Toast’s finance organization and will be responsible for accounting, treasury, financial planning and analysis, and business operations.

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