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15. You can’t sit around envying others

The Kardashians. Celebrity gossip. Being jealous of people who are doing “better”. Or even stressing about your so called “competition”.

All these things just make you weak. They crush your resolve, and hinder you from changing your own life. Because you’re too busy sticking your nose in others lives.

At some point you have to ask – what about me? And then get started.

Wanting everything at once

Most people want to change themselves completely. The problem is wanting to do everything at once.

Because this intense motivational boost can backfire — you shift from over-enthusiasm to total frustration. Achieving your goals requires building momentum, to progressively develop your capacity and strength.

A Life Without Judgement

We judge because we want to know the answer before we understand the challenge. The first step in moving past judgement is releasing the need for an answer.

Instead of judging, form an opinion. Judgements are assumptions that usually do not change. An opinion, however, is an isolated view of the world that can change with the discovery of new information.