Step 4: Connect the Concepts

Now it’s time to connect what you have brainstormed to the central topic and to each other. Remember, the more important the idea, the closer it should be to the top or the center.

As you identify these connections put down the linking words or phrases to indicate the relationship between the two concepts you are linking.

Once the direct connections between concepts have been identified, look for crosslinks that link together concepts from different areas or domains.

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Problem solving

Truths about time:

  • Time exists.
  • You can't stop the clock from moving or slow it down.
  • You only have control over what you do in the future.

Time anxiety increases when we try to ignore or manipulate the ways time impacts our day. Acknowledging these truths can reduce anxiety and help you move forward.

Time Anxiety: How to deal with feeling that there's "never enough time"

Eliminate Distractions While You Work

The modern world is quickly dividing us into two groups: those who control their own attention well and those whose attention is controlled by someone else, especially technology.

To put it bluntly, you can’t expect to be productive if you don’t control your own attention.

4 Principles of Productivity

Whenever we have a goal, whether it’s losing that extra weight, building our dream business, or becoming an incredible musician, we need to put in the work. 

To do the work, we would need to overcome our impulses. Discipline is the ability to act despite the temptation not to. It's the ability to resist the feeling of slacking off. 

Discipline is one of the most important life skill to be successful, whatever success means to you. 

Stoicism - How To Build Self Discipline

Deep Work
  • Work in full-screen mode to remove all distractions and focus on the task at hand.
  • Always wear headphones.
  • Plan your entire week on Sunday.
  • Listen to the same song on repeat. It help you lose track of time and focus on your task.
  • Design productivity spaces for different types of work.

How to Make Smarter Decisions by Designing Your Defaults

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