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Remove sludge

Employees often face overly complex decisions with too many options, paperwork burdens, or hard-to-understand terms. These burdens, sometimes called sludge, almost always harm vulnerable and low-SES people most.

In many cases, firms can reduce or remove these burdens, or at least provide tools to help their employees make good decisions.

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Design Thinking

New studies reveal that customer’s patience levels increase when they are provided with a feeling of nostalgia, alleviating the negative effects of waiting long.

The experiment shows that being in a state of nostalgia relaxes us and puts us in a positive mood, as we remember a unique or favourite experience of the past, which we are unlikely to experience again. Example: A long waiting line at the checkout counter can benefit from 70s music playing in the background.

Feelings of Nostalgia Can Make Us More Patient


The problem with storage

Putting things away creates the illusion that the clutter problem has been solved.

Organizing all your junk better does not equal getting rid of clutter. And unfortunately most people leap at storage methods that promise quick and convenient ways to remove visible clutter.

Marie Kondo: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing


When rearranging your living space:

  • Consider the colour. Blues create calm while greens encourage creativity.
  • Bring in nostalgia with old objects that can remind you about what's important to you. Rotate the objects regularly if your space feels cluttered.

'Comfort Decorating' Is All About Making Your Home A Sanctuary : Life Kit


The roots of modern minimalist philosophy reach some 2,500 years back with Diogenes. Born around 412 BC, Diogenes decided he didn't need a house and lived in a felled rainwater pipe. All he possessed was a cloak, a walking stick and a leather pouch. He discovered happiness through self-mastery and self-sufficiency.

In the 3rd Century BC, Stoicism's philosophy informs a minimalistic lifestyle by adhering to simple living ideas and focusing on the self and community instead of possessions.

Have we got minimalism all wrong?


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