What is culture?

Culture is a set of shared values that a group of people holds.

These values affect how you think and act but also how you judge others

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What is the purpose of internal comms

Good internal comms helps employees feel connected to the companyโ€”all the way to decisions, initiatives, programs, departments, and executive messages.ย 

These connections are vital to helping employees understand why their managers are making decisions.

When employees are given the tools to understand whatโ€™s driving those decisions and changes, they are more likely to be receptive and engaged.

The maths behind success

Physicist Albert-Lรกszlรณ Barabรกsi, in a TED talk, shared his thinking on the maths that goes into thinking about success. ย 

He came up with a simple equation:ย 

S = Qr

S stands for success, Q is that person's ability (to execute an idea) and r is the value of that idea.

Why do they work?

Social learning tools aid the learning process by helping to create connections between learners, teachers and information.

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