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Limerence is the cognitive and emotional state of being infatuated or obsessed with another person, that is involuntary and characterized by a desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings.

5 Characteristics of Limerence:

  1. Obsessively thinking about another person causing an inability to focus on daily activities.
  2. A desire for reciprocation of feelings instead of intimacy.
  3. A focus on winning the person over rather than their happiness or welfare.
  4. Compulsively reading into the person’s behaviors and drawing conclusions.
  5. Refusing to take no for an answer.

Clairaudient messages sound like a calm voice speaking in your mind. The tone is never harsh or tormenting. The messages are often short and straightforward.

To develop your skills and open your clairaudient potential, surround yourself with other intuitives or study and research intuition.

Starseeds | Indigo, Crystal, & Rainbow

Unique souls who often possess special abilities like: telepathy, clairvoyance, light-emanation, energy-cleansing, deep empathy, and reality-shifting.

  • Indigos: infused with Archangel Michael’s power, can be stubborn in their intolerance of unfairness
  • Crystals: infused with the light, joy, and clarity of Archangel Gabriel, and tend to be more fair and kind than their siblings
  • Rainbow children are the youngest wave of healing souls to come to Earth.

These starseeds see interactions with this world as spiritual exercises and serve humanity helplessly.