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when itDuring:

  • If you can, leave.
  • Listen for emergency alerts.
  • Stay inside if you cannot leave. Go to the safest building with the lowest smoke levels. Breathe through a wet cloth if you don't have a mask.
  • If you are caught outside, find a body of water to crouch in or a depression with the least vegetation. Crouch low for the best air, and cover yourself with wet blankets, clothes or soil.


  • Listen to authorities when it is time to return and when it's safe to drink the water.
  • Avoid hot, smoky, or charred items.
  • Text friends and family.
  • Wear a dust mask.
  • Beware of flooding.
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Studies show there is less microbial diversity in the intestines of an individual with depression.

  • Patients with depression have less of a particular type of bacteria called bacteroides, which produces a vital chemical GABA. If the brain does not get enough GABA, it can lead to increased anxiety and insomnia.
  • A poor diet decrease the bacteria called bifidobacteria in our gut, which is responsible for breaking down the amino acid tryptophan - a vital building block for serotonin.

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