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Below you’ll find my Server.Js file: This server is a blank page, showing and processing nothing. You’ll then need a slack App: just follow this link to create one. The Controller is the brain of your Bot. It contains every skill and configuration.
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Stashed ideas


Tenet 1: Understand, articulate and internalize the purpose of the data group and set the vision.

Tenet 2: Hire the best leaders and provide them with freedom, flexibility and support.

Tenet 3:Build a culture that promotes trust, transparency and collaboration.

Tenet 4: Create a strong bias for action.

Tenet 5:Make decentralized decisions.

Tenet 6: Coach, mentor and develop people.

The economy is now knowledge work, so employees need to be constantly learning as the domain of knowledge expands.

Learning is not just intellectual but emotional, contextual, social and ethical.

It happens best when people are given the opportunity to deal with new experiences and perspectives.

Growth is fundamental to human happiness; the hedonic treadmill was built into all of us, and humans constantly seek growth and change.

The craving for growth is especially visible for the younger generation that is coming to dominate the workforce. Younger workers are more easily able to prioritize things like personal growth and career opportunity over income and job security

A Strong Brand Strategy

Identity and positioning are essential components of a strong brand strategy.

They define how the company communicates with its key stakeholders at every touchpoint. 

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