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The author argues that the traditional autocratic leadership model does not work for innovative businesses. Instead, innovation requires a different type of leader that can foster a stimulating and supportive working environment.


Values define what is important to a group. They determine the group's priorities. Innovative groups share four core values: 

  • Bold ambition: A group with a bold purpose will take on big challenges. Bold groups want to improve the world, and they feel they can improve it.
  • Collaboration: Innovative companies intentionally build collaboration into their strategies. Innovation is the result of diverse people working together on a problem.
  • Learning: When you try something new, mistakes are inevitable. 
  •  The group shares a sense of responsibility and ownership for the outcomes.
  • Commit to working smoothly and steadily. Use physical order to restore mental order. Don’t rush.
  • Commit to balancing external and internal awareness. Stay alert.
  • Commit to confirming and expecting confirmation of essential communication. Call back.
  • Being polite can get in the way of getting work done, you need to communicate efficiently.
  • Communication should be clear, concise, and respectful.

Understand that salary transparency is a good thing and gives the power back to the employees. The ‘salary silence’ rule that many companies implement is to ensure that they maintain control, and employees stay aloof in terms of who makes what, making it difficult for them to negotiate or make career decisions.