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Checking in with a financial adviser is strongly recommended by experienced investors, but make sure you're speaking with a fee-only expert, who isn't receiving commissions for steering you into one investment over another.Ā 

Once you find someone acting in your best interest, try to meet with them once a year or every two to three years. Find someone you can pay a flat fee for each visit. This will save you money in the long term.

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  • Layer up to maintain body heat.
  • Gather in one room with blankets, ideally a smaller one with few windows.
  • Minimize drafts. Use rolled-up towels to lessen drafts around windows and exterior doors.
  • Never use an oven or stove to heat your home.
  • To help prevent pipes from freezing, open cabinet and bathroom vanity doors to expose pipes.
  • Let water trickle from a faucet that is supplied by exposed pipes.
  • Know when to go to a local emergency warming shelter or heated location.

Consider what music or painting would look like if we treat it like the typical math curriculum.

  • What if music education was all about theory, dots and lines that make up the language of music? What if playing and listening to music was put off until college?
  • Or, what if art students had to spend years only studying paints and brushes? Then they do pre-paint-by numbers to prepare them for the main paint-by number sequence. From there, only the students who know their colours and brushes get to actually paint.

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