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"I'm working on A. My priorities are B and C, but I'm not sure it's the best option. If you have a moment, I'd appreciate your thoughts . If you can't, no worries. Thanks."

  • Be precise about what you're trying to do.ย 
  • Be clear about your priorities.
  • State that you're asking for advice, nor for the recipient to decide for you.
  • Give the recipient an easy out. "If you can't, no worries. Thanks"

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Stashed ideas


When you are leading a meeting, as you will be when you present your idea, everything you do or say will be interpreted by your listeners. Your words and actions will not only signal how you feel, but also how you want others to behave during your time together.

To get your audience to buy into your idea, there are a few hacks you can try to shift the odds in your favour, like making them an active participant or contributor.

The current reputation of Disneyland

The internet has allowed new creators to document Disneyland and its history and culture.

Conversely, Disney's cultural dominance and corporate practices have sparked anti-Disney sentiment. However, it is still possible to separate art and artists from the larger corporate culture. The work of the Imagineers that designed the place to their fancy had nothing to do with its corporate decisions.

Giving feedback is scary

The act of giving someone feedback at work can feel terrifying, even though the end result might mean better understanding.

People go into a fight-or-flight mode because they feel they need to protect themselves. There are some ways to give good feedback.

Your Beautiful Podcast

Starting a podcast is easy, just like blogging was in the last decade. The problem is how to make more people listen to your beautiful creation.

Simply sharing in your network does not help any more, and we have to get down to the basics and take steps to increase listenership and build a brand.

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