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Discovering A Product

To create a good product, engineers need to build it, consumers must use it, and the product must be valuable for consumers to buy.

To prove this, the PM must use a navigable prototype that offers a minimally realistic user experience so that users can test it. Involving engineers is also essential to decide which elements to have, also to know if the product is technically executable.

Once you have delivered the specifications to the dev team, your mindset should go out of the discovery process to get into execution.



In this part of the model, the user is asked to do a little bit of work. This is the phase where: 1. the odds where the user will make another pass through the hook model will increase, and 2. the user's brain is swimming in dopamine so the company is now letting up pay for that dopamine.

The investment generally varies between giving a combination of time, data, effort, social capital, or even money. 

However, the investment phase implies that this action that the user is willing to do will improve the service for the next go-around.



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