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2) Agility isn’t an option anymore, it is essential

The days of long waits for approval and multiple chains of command are over — for good. The speed of the social web means that marketers need to be empowered to act quickly and respond to relevant current events in order to be successful. And their bosses or managers need to trust them and give them the freedom to execute spontaneous or agile marketing campaigns.

The key to success, in this case, is clearly not content, but response time and relevancy. These factors successfully made an okay tagline into something great.



5. Try New Instagram Features

After you’ve unraveled some details about the content your audience enjoys, you should have a better understanding of what to post. Some of the new features on Instagram could help you engage with your followers even more.

For example, Instagram Live was recently released to more countries outside the US to gain exposure. This live broadcasting feature allows you to connect with followers on an intimate and behind-the-scenes level.

Some brands might be nervous to do live broadcasting, but that’s alright. Instagram Stories provides another avenue for brands to post content for 24 hours.