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Europe's 19th-century beaches started to change as societies took to them. It meant the end of ordinary life in a traditional fishing community.

It happened in phases: Where the seashore was first a source of food and where journeys began and ended, it became a sight of amusement and recreation. The beach was popularised as a non-place and an escape from modernity. But the consequences for the environment have been disastrous.

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With respect to hip hop, it was characterized by one’s ability to syncopated to a beat. Ideally, an emcee rapped from the heart. His rhymes were spontaneous, not memorized or read aloud from a written document.

Ideally a rap is a group of rhymes that are thrown together so everything has meaning. It reflects the here and now and ideally the lifestyle of the one rapping. Ultimately and historically an artist rapped for no one but himself. His rap was a call for attention to himself..

Sidney Skolsky made the first documented use of "Oscar" as a nickname for the statuette in a 1934 New York Daily News article, but his assertion that he coined the nickname is still in doubt.

Many claim that during Walt Disney's Academy Award acceptance speech for Three Little Pigs in 1934, Disney referred to the statuette as his little "Oscar". It was then already a well-established nickname but the first time the name was used in a positive light.


All written knowledge was made accessible through libraries.

Over time libraries expanded to store more and more information. From the Library of Alexandria that had 1 million papyrus scrolls to the New York Public Library that has 10 million books.

If you read 1 book per week for your entire life, at the end you'll have read a few thousand books. That's less than 0.1% of what's available in a modern library. The trick is to know which books to read.

Choosing An Oscar Nominee

The complicated and long-drawn process to shortlist Oscar nominees involves more than 8000 voting members along with the actors, actresses, directors and other professionals in the moviemaking business.

An accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers is assigned the duty to mail out the ballots and tabulate the votes, a process that takes a total of 1700 hours.

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