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How To Improve Communication Skills

Here are the ways to improve Communication Skills:

1. Motivate yourself to initiate the conversation

To improve Communication Skills in yourself as student; it is essential to tell yourself to start and take part in discussion. The majority of us probably shouldn't want to talk to anyone. This makes tough for you to show your feelings when you get stressed. So motivate yourself to do such activities which make your communication skill effective. In the classroom examine feelings about situations happening in the mind of students to talk with them.




Create a difference between How you feel and What you do

Set aside a time to find that how you truly feel. Don't hide or ignore your feelings or emotions for minding yourself. Separate your feelings from your actions because your actions are your separate decisions. Don't mix it up.

For example, if I am frustrated that the peer is difficult to work on a project which is given to make it in a group. I can acknowledge myself and don't show rudeness to him. Instead think about how you can handle him in such a situation.

Your actions are separate decisions you cannot decide on the basis of your feelings.