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Some goals of a Go-To-Market plan may include:

  • Product brand awareness — high awareness or being easily recognized, helps drive potential prospects and sales.
  • Marketing to leads — leads, are qualified people who will be interested in the product. 
  • Sales targets — this is the portion of the qualified potential prospects who will actually convert to a paying customer
  • Product adoption — high adoption rates will mean higher expected sales and economic returns
  • Customer satisfaction — the goal would be to decrease the number of defects and dissatisfaction at the launch and post-launch stages.



Wait, isn’t it the other way around?

Freelancing can seem fantastic and freeing. It allows you to travel whenever you want to. You answer to no-one, except your clients. It makes you feel important.


However, it also has pitfalls.

  • It does not carry the benefits of a full-time job such as 401k.
  • Not setting professional boundaries can cause clients to demand your time at any moment.
  • Without boundaries between yourself and work, you can fall into unhealthy lifestyles that can take their toll.

While there are many successful and strong freelancers, it is not for everyone



Success often leads to arrogance, and arrogance to failure.

Objectivity is crucial. When organisations become successful, they tend to become less objective and often substitute their judgment for what the market wants.

The ego is helpful as a driving force in building a business, but it becomes problematic when the ego is injected into the marketing process. One way for a CEO to gather objective information is to go in disguise or unannounced to get an honest view of what's really happening.