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Courtney Adamo is a serial entrepreneur — co-founder of Babyccino, a destination site and online shop for parents and parents-to-be, and In the Loop, Courtney’s handcrafted online courses for parents. 

We look at her life has changed due to the pandemic and the resulting lockdowns.



It’s not worth dedicating every minute of your time to work.

It’s definitely not worth dedicating 100% of your time to doing work that somebody else owns.

You need time to enjoy your work and spend the fruits of your labor on completely dumb stuff like gifts from the souvenir shop at Disneyland. Take a holiday from your work phone, ignore the email from your boss until tomorrow, and be proud when you miss a work meeting.

There’s more to life than doing work — like enjoying it.



Main findings

The results of the two studies showed that these elements of text fields were of most value: 

  • Enclosed text fields with a rectangular shape performed better than those with a line affordance. 
  • The text field box should be represented with a semi-transparent fill and a bottom line. Or it should be a fully transparent fill and an opaque stroke. 
  • The Colour contrast of the text field’s lines or strokes met the minimum 3:1 contrast ratios with the background. 
  • Label text should be placed within the bounds of the text field box. 
  • Text fields should have rounded corners.