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  • A common pitfall is that the unproductive Zoom calls are simply pushed to either side of the meeting-free day. Worse, time-stretched managers sometimes ignore company policy: they see a yawning gap in workers’ schedules on a no-meeting day and set up an hour-long call. Employees, meanwhile, presume the meeting must be important and feel obliged to attend.
  • There can be other unintended consequences, too. Meetings can be a surprisingly efficient way of exchanging information. Without alternatives in place, a quick question during a morning catch-up can be replaced by email ping-pong.



4 lessons from remote meetings
  • Saying "go ahead" when you're overlapping with someone. Going out of your way to let other people speak is a good thing, and so is following up to make sure everyone’s been heard.
  • Schedule time for socializing. People should be encouraged to show up a few minutes early for a meeting, maybe, or there could be time for conversation on the agenda.
  • Accept multitasking. Maybe workers in the office should have the option to call in to auditoriums and conference rooms, or maybe we should just normalize people who aren’t core to a conversation working on their laptops during meetings.
  • Maybe have fewer meetings. Meetings can eat up a lot of time, and it’s worth considering whether that time is well invested—or if you could accomplish the same thing without a meeting.