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Preparing Small Business Owners For The Holidays

The holidays are coming, and savvy owners should take this opportunity to draw as much traffic as possible to their sites and — most importantly — convert as much of that traffic as possible to customers while they’re there.

During the holidays, business spikes for nearly everyone, but e-commerce has been growing each year over the brick-and-mortar competition — and the pandemic has only increased this growth. In 2020, retail e-commerce sales skyrocketed, with a 35% year-over-year increase over the 2019 season in the United States.




Use your good days to plan for the bad ones
  • Planning. Planning the week to come on good days gives you a better chance of getting something done on the bad ones because it means you don't have to make a decision when you're not feeling up to it. 
  • Outlining and brainstorming. Consider using your good days to brainstorm or outline your projects, so you can focus on the execution on the bad days.
  • Writing snippets. If you set up a snippet manager and spend some time writing snippets ahead of time, you can respond to routine messages with less thought. It's a small thing, but being able to easily respond to a few routine messages on a bad day can really help build momentum for other tasks. Snippets make that easier. 
  • Automating things. Automation is a habit, and a good day is a great time to work on it. Spend your good days building bots, so they can work for you on the bad days..